Human Being.

I’m Emma. I am a psychotherapist and yoga teacher in Thailand. I’m passionate about mindfulness, traveling, writing, and sharing what I love with the world. How can I help you?


I am a psychotherapist, yogi, traveler, and writer committed to helping you build resilience and a deep, loving connection with yourself so you can embrace life in all its messiness and its grace.

My mission is to help you tap into your inherent wisdom, worth, and wholeness to respond more flexibly and adaptively to the stress, trauma, and dis-ease you encounter in life.

I write from the heart and through my own personal experience as a counselor and a human being, and share my thoughts and reflections for free on my blog page. It is my hope that you will find something on these pages which resonates with you, informs you, or shifts your perspective.


My approach is trauma-informed and eclectic, weaving together multiple theories and approaches. My approach is holistic and trauma-informed, and integrates mindfulness, somatic work, compassion, psychodynamic theory, and psychoeducation. My ultimate goal is to help you heal yourself. I particularly enjoy working with clients on stress, anxiety, self-esteem, burnout, and depression.


My yoga classes can be physically strenuous, emotionally healing, or anything in between. I offer classes which cater to all aspects of the self by going deeper than physical asanas. Mental, spiritual, and emotional processes are played out and made known through physical postures. Expect to walk away from class having identified and worked through some of your personal obstacles, feeling centered, empowered, and refreshed.


Inspiration for these pieces stems from studies in counseling, yoga, mindfulness, philosophy, spiriituality, travel, and health. I integrate wisdom from many academic and cultural traditions into articles which include insights on life, philosophy, and healing. I offer content which I believe may help you, invite you to ask deeper questions, or inspire you. Head to my blog page to see what you’ll find! 

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