Alternative and holistic therapy in Saint Louis, MO

My name is Emma. I help motivated, inquisitive, and holistically-minded millennials heal past wounds and grow into their own unique self-actualized selves through holistic therapy, IFS mentorship, and online courses.

Emma Donovan, MA, PLPC, LPC, is an alternative therapist who helps people in their 20s and 30s who are holistically and spiritually-minded. Specializations include anxiety, ADHD, trauma, HSP, career issues, and personal growth.

She uses evidence-based mind-body methods that help clients heal the root of their struggles by integrating her advanced training in IFS, somatic psychology, TRE, and mindfulness.

She offers therapy sessions in St. Louis, MO, and online for residents of IL and MO. She also offers virtual IFS mentoring sessions and courses to clients from all over the world. 

Emma’s work has been featured on Best Life Online, Bustle, Thrive Global, Hello Giggles, and Medium and she is a meditation teacher on Insight Timer. She likes to practice what she preaches, and lived at a mindfulness center as a therapist in Thailand for almost 2 years. She also plants a tree for every session she does!

“With Emma, you can go on a lovely trip inwards if you want to heal your inner world in a professional, safe, and personal setting and place. I think she’s a lovely person, she’s so supportive, creative and grounded, a great listener, knows what she’s doing and willing to help you the best she can.”

-P.O., Past Coaching Client

Emma is proud to announce that she is currently making changes to her web presence. She has made a brand new therapy website, which can be accessed by clicking the button in the section below. 

She will also soon be launching an educational site, which will host mentorship and her online course. Click the buttons below to learn more. You may be redirected to another site. 

Emma loves helping young people tap into their inner wisdom so they can transform their perceived weaknesses and wounds into strengths and gifts.

It is her goal to help you reach your full potential and become the person you dream of being. The result is the meaningful, peaceful, and empowered life you were born to live.


Deep inner work and transformational healing to help you heal mental health issues and old wounds, cope more resiliently, and reduce suffering.

Available in-person in Saint Louis, MO, or virtually for residents of Missouri and Illinois.


Personal and spiritual growth sessions for people learning to become their own best friend, self-healer, and personal coach and through Parts Work (IFS), somatic work, and mindfulness 

Virtual sessions available for clients worldwide.

Online Course

A 6-week experiential journey to become your own best friend, personal coach, mentor, and healer. Learn powerful techniques for transformation through IFS-based inner work.

Apply now to become part of the next cohort of students.

“The best thing about Emma is that she SAW me. I felt seen and accepted immediately, which was great, but overall, it’s her ability to turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths that was so different from any other help I’ve received. For someone that is super critical of everything I do, this was the real game-changer- to see my patterns, accept them, and then use them to my advantage.

-Riss Winstanley, Entrepreneur, Naturopath, and Past Client