Coaching provides a space for inner work, self-discovery, and personal growth. It is tailored to your unique journey and goals.

Here are the basics:

I Help Young People Overcome:

-Procrastination and indecision

-Stress and burnout

-Perfectionism and overwork

-Disconnection from themselves and others

-School, life purpose, spiritual, and career issues

Through This Framework:

-1:1 individual coaching sessions virtually and globally

-for 50-minute sessions

-in packages of 6 to 12 sessions

-in confidential and supportive relationship

-built upon your unique goals

With These Techniques:

-A structured coaching approach

-Internal Family Systems


-Emotional intelligence

-Tension Release Exercises

-Stress Reduction

-Mindful Self-Compassion

“With Emma, you can go on a lovely trip inwards if you want to heal your inner world in a professional, safe and personal setting and place. I think she’s a lovely coach, she’s so supportive, creative and grounded, a great listener, knows what she’s doing and willing to help you the best she can.”

-P.O., Past Coaching Client

Heart-centered and evidence-based coaching for young people like you.

It’s tough to be a young person today. We lead stressful, high-pressure lives. We have more choices available to us than ever before, yet also more confusion. Many of us feel disconnected from ourselves, our purpose, and other people. We want to grow, but we don’t know how to do it on our own. That’s what coaching is for.

Luckily, millennials are more dedicated than previous generations to personal growth work. 

I believe your devotion to your wellbeing is a strength, and I love helping young people just like you to grow.

My coaching practice focuses on helping college students, graduate students, and young professionals navigate this unique phase of life, so they can become the vibrant, centered people they want to be.

I partner with you to help you understand who you’ve been shaped to be, make peace with yourself, discover your strengths, transform your burdens into gifts, and forge your own path in life as the person you want to be.

Many of my clients are held back from the lives they want to live because of the following issues:

Disconnected From Themselves

-disconnected from who they truly are

-don’t feel truly confident in themselves

-want to experience the peace, calm, clarity, and intuitive living others seem to have

Confusing Emotions

-they never learned how to understand or manage their emotions

-they end up self-medicating with Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s

-want to feel more harmonious, but aren’t sure how

An Inner Critic That Won't Quit

-they want to feel confident, but  the inner critic tells them they’re never doing “enough”

-their confidence is suffering

-they want to have a deeper, more loving relationships with themselves, but aren’t sure how

Stress and Burnout

-they give their all, but it never feels like “enough”

-overwhelmed by the pressure coming from every angle

-afraid they’re going to burn out and want to stop before it gets to that point

Confusion and Indecision

-unsure where they want to go with their career or spiritual path

-feeling overwhelmed by their options and torn in different directions

-second-guessing their choices, unsure if they are “right”

Unfulfilling Relationships

-feeling lonelier than ever, despite their follower count, and realizing that Insta-fame isn’t fulfilling

-craving deeper connections

-struggle to know how to create meaningful relationships

You have everything you need to live a full, awakened, and connected life inside you already. You just need to know how to access it.

That’s what I love helping young people just like you to do. 

It is possible to feel…

-Completely whole, able to access your inner wisdom and strengths

-Seen and loved for who you really are

-Self-confident in yourself and your choices

-Calm and centered, even when facing the many challenges life brings

-Connected to who you are at your core

Connected with others, having the deep, fulfilling relationships you’ve always wanted

Curious, creative, and in love with life

-Holistically healthy and spiritually fulfilled

Like the happy, vibrant person you deserve to be

The best thing about Emma is that she SAW me. She saw that productivity wasn’t my problem, purely the opposite. And she knew that something so simple as taking time for myself was not so simple for me. I felt seen and accepted immediately, which was great, but overall, it’s her ability to turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths that was so different from any other coaching I’ve received. For someone who is super critical of everything I do, this was the real game-changer- to see my patterns, accept them, and then use them to my advantage.”

-Riss Winstanley, Entrepreneur, Naturopath, and Past Coaching Client

That’s what I love helping college students and young professionals just like you to do. I am a young person myself, and I understand the challenges our generation is facing.

As a personal and spiritual growth coach, I help you…

-Become friends with your emotions and leverage them for your highest good

-Learn to love yourself, and use this loving presence to unlock your fullest potential

-End the inner confusion and make your head a place you love to be

-Make peace with yourself and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being

-Tap into your inner wisdom so you can become your own coach and overcome anything… long after coaching is over

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