About Emma Donovan,


I am a holistic psychotherapist and coach in Saint Louis, MO, who understands the challenges of being a young person today.

I specialize in helping college students and young professionals to tap into their internal wisdom so they can transform their perceived weaknesses and wounds into strengths and gifts. This leads to meaningful, peaceful, and awakened lives.

I’m Emma. I love what I do.

  • I read about psychology in my spare time
  • I traveled to Nicaragua, India, Thailand, and Spain to finish advanced training in psychotherapy and wellness
  • I was even a therapist at a mindfulness center in Thailand for 1.5 years

I’m deeply invested in my own growth. Some might call me a nerd, but I’m cool with that! šŸ˜‰

My favorite part about my job is witnessing my clients let go of their burdens and reclaim their joy.

In my free time, you may find meĀ fantasizing about my next international adventure, journaling, laughing at inside jokes, being active in nature, eating a little too much ice cream, or reading Mary Oliver poems.

I believe in creating space for every part of myself, and I want to help you do that too, whatever that means for you.

Emma’s Professional Background

Emma began her counseling career at a university mental health center and is passionate about helping university students and young professionals become the holistically healthy, connected, calm people they want to be.

Prior to working in Saint Louis, MO, she spent 18 months as a therapist at a mindfulness center in Thailand, where she worked with stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, trauma, and spiritual/life purpose issues.

She enjoys integrating body, mind, and spirit into her work, and incorporates wisdom from mindfulness and somatic psychotherapy to guide clients on their path.

She brings a compassionate, accepting perspective from her bachelor’s degrees in Religious Studies and Global Studies into the counseling room.Ā In addition to being a counselor, Emma is also an advanced yoga instructor and TRE provider.

“Emma is an incredible therapist and person. She is highly intuitive, empathetic, and is able to hold the space for you as you process your emotions and situations in your life. She is able to sort through different experiences and help you find clarity in the chaos. I highly recommend Emma as a therapist, especially using the Internal Family Systems model.”

-Client Testimonial

Qualifications and Credentials


  • M.A. in Professional Counseling – Lindenwood University
  • B.A. in Religious Studies – Missouri State University
  • B.A. in Global Studies – Missouri State University


Emma’s work has been featured on Bustle,Ā Best Line Online, A Sweat Life, Thrive Global, and Medium. She is also a meditation teacher on Insight Timer, and was recently featured as one of Insight Timer’s “Staff Picks.”

Training & Certifications

  • PLPC in the state of Missouri
  • LPC in the state of Illinois
  • Internal Family Systems Level 2 Training
  • IFS-Inspired Coaching Course
  • Certified TRE Provider (Tension/Trauma-Releasing Exercises)
  • Internal Family Systems Level 1 Training
  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in India
  • Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua


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