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So Much to Admire, to Weep Over

In memory of Brian Bander and Mary Oliver, two beings who have inspired me to live as much as I can in the time I’ve been given. May this be a reminder for all of us to keep admiring life, weeping over it, and belonging to it wholeheartedly.

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27 Things I’ve Learned By Age 27

Every year for my birthday I make a list of things I’ve learned in the past year. I am overcome with gratitude and awe at how this year has turned out. If year 27 is anything like year 26, I will be blessed.

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30 Before 30

A hybrid between a bucket list and a 5-year plan, this fun practice helps you reflect on what is important to you where you want to be at 30.

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What Is Beautiful About It?

In the end, it is not about “fixing” what is “wrong” with a person, but rather looking for what is strong and wonderful first, and then making tiny shifts which have a holistic effect on the entire system.

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From “Should” to “Want To:” When Language Reveals Resistance

We have all heard of the danger of “shoulds.” But rather than eliminate them from your vocabulary, they can be used as clues to increase awareness of what you have resistance toward and to assess it compassionately. Read more for 4 questions which may help you unpack and reframe your “shoulds.”

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Lessons from Tadasana / Mountain Pose

We humans are like mountains. We must have a strong base from which to launch ourselves. The base is what makes the pinnacle possible. If we do not start from a grounded place, the winds and storms of life can topple us, uproot us, or make us realize we have no idea who we are or what we stand for.

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Responding Versus Reacting: Claiming Your Freedom to Choose

It is in a space of kind awareness where we can pause for just a moment, take a breath, and choose to take a better path instead of a familiar destructive one. This is “responding” rather than “reacting,” and it is available to us in every moment. This is where I believe our freedom lies: in awareness, and in the choice available within that awareness.

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