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One Pebble at a Time: A Reflection on Change

This is how mountains are moved, and how change is made. One pebble at a time. It doesn’t need to feel like an impossible task, but rather a journey to be savored. In this article, find a reflection on the change process and an exercise to help yourself through it.

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Storm Clouds Make for the Best Sunsets

We can move through the storms of life while recognizing their impermanence, and we can have the awareness and optimism to notice and celebrate the gorgeous displays they gift us in the sky.

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The Ways in Which We Have Abandoned Ourselves: An Exercise in Self-Compassion

We have all heard of the “inner critic,” but what about our inner “abandoned child?” Children suffer from deep wounds from abandonment, just like children who suffer harsh criticism. Any time we ignore our sensations, emotions, and needs, we abandon ourselves. If you wouldn’t treat a child this way, why would you treat yourself this way? Read on to find out how to connect with and nurture yourself, just as you would a child’s.

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Softening the Shame Around Anxiety

Anxiety is your body trying to protect you. Instead of denying our experiences and shrouding them in shame, maybe we can begin to see our minds and bodies loving us towards life. Once the cloud of shame is lifted, it becomes much easier to love ourselves back.

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Looking at Self-Care Through the Lens of Kindness

The heart of true self-care is benevolence, and It starts with recognizing your wellbeing is more important than a deadline or six-pack abs. It takes you back to the center of yourself. It brings you back home to your heart.

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Engage With What Is: Reflections from India

A personal reflection on a return to mindfulness: “Insight is realizing there is a path in front of you waiting to be walked. It is not the destination itself. It feels like a video game where I return to the start each time I lose focus. But each time I gain more knowledge about how to get further and further down the path. This knowledge, this experience, is never lost.”

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Faithful to Living

How is it we can go all our lives living in the vessel of our bodies while remaining completely alienated from them? … You will be with your body for the rest of your life, so you might as well make friends with it, in all its scarred glory.

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