Coaching FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about coaching services with Emma.

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Do you see clients online or in-person?

I see clients both in-person in St. Louis, MO, and online video sessions, depending on your location and preference. Most of my coaching clients are online.

What are your credentials?

I hold a PLPC license in Missouri, which means “provisionally licensed professional counselor.” This means that I have completed a 2-3 year graduate degree in counseling which included an internship, I have taken some grueling 3-4 hour exams, and I hold a provisional license issued by the state of Missouri.

Being a counselor more than equips me to be a coach. I have also completed a training in IFS-inspired coaching, and I am an IFS-inspired coach. I have taken advanced training in Internal Family Systems and Tension Releasing Exercises, and am an IFS Practicioner and TRE Provider. You can verify my IFS credentials here.

How much do coaching sessions cost?

My current rate for a 50-minute individual coaching session is $147. If you buy a 6-session pack up-front, you receive a discounted rate of $797.

Can I receive help paying for coaching?

Many people find that their companies are willing to pay for personal growth coaching because it helps them be more productive, creative, and upbeat at work. Negotiating coaching as part of your contract can also be a part of your conversation with your boss when you get hired or when it is time for a raise. Speak to your boss directly about this option.

Coaching is not for people with mental health issues, and it is therefore not reimbursed by medical insurance. I also do not offer sliding scale options for coaching, only for therapy. You can, however, get a reduced rate by paying for a 6-week package up-front.

How do I get started with coaching?

The first step to starting counseling is to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me. The purpose of this phone call is for us to connect so you can set goals and tell me about what you’re hoping to achieve, to see if I can help you. This also provides a space for you to ask any questions you have before we initially start.

What can I expect in my first session?

The first session will be a kick-off session, where we set goals and dive deeply into what these goals mean to you. This helps us stay on track and guides the rest of our work together.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies depending on the person. Most people do 6-12 sessions of coaching. My general rule of thumb is to make an estimate of how many session you think you will need from the beginning, so we know how much time we have to accomplish the goals you’ve set. If we get near the end and we determine you need more, we will set a new goal and adjust our work accordingly.

What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

You can learn about the differences between coaching and therapy here. 

P.S., having a coach who is also a therapist enhances coaching! As a therapist, I have a master’s degree and have worked for a few years with a qualified supervisor. By getting a coach who is also a therapist, you can rest assured that I have a lot of study and practice under my belt, a deep knowledge of what’s going on for you underneath the surface, and will make sure you get you the help you need.

What is it like to do coaching with you?

I believe we are co-creators in your change process, and I customize the process to your unique needs, wishes, and goals. In the first session or two, we begin by setting goals for your life and coming up with strategies to help you reach them. Along the way, in further sessions, you are likely to encounter some stubborn blockages that make change challenging. I honor these and help you address them. In fact, overcoming obstacles is what I do best!

Many people report an emotionally and spiritually rewarding experience from my coaching sessions that helps them feel more self-aware, aligned and at home with themselves, in control of their lives, and changed to their core. I believe the change process should feel both fulfilling AND transformative!

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