Everything You Need to Know About Online Counseling

Online counseling is a convenient way to get the help you need right from the comfort of your own home.

It provides an excellent alternative to in-person counseling for those who need it, either due to preference or circumstance.

Getting Started With Online Therapy

Online sessions are conducted on my comprehensive and intuitive online portal. This is the same portal you can use to book sessions and fill out documents. 

The first step is requesting a free consultation call using the orange button.

In this call, you can get to know me, tell me about yourself, and ask questions about online counseling or therapy in general.

After you have been accepted as a client, you can easily select appointment times that work for your schedule on your online portal. I then guide you through the simple process for how to access the video platform.

Tips for Successful Online Therapy Sessions

Online therapy is a convenient, enjoyable way to receive help from the comfort of your own home. With a little preparation, you can make your online therapy session go as smoothly as possible.

1. Get Ready 

Schedule 10-20 minutes before your first session to prepare and review any instructions you’ve received from me for how to access the video portal. Test it out and make sure it works before the session starts.

2. Minimize Distractions

Aim for a quiet environment, free from distractions. Notify family members and roommates that you will be having a private call. Ask them to turn down music and television so that it doesn’t disturb you.

3. Prepare Your Tech

Double-check your internet connection. Make sure your device is charged and/or your charger is near. Headphones are encouraged for the best sound quality, but not required.

4. Optimize Your Connection

Set up your computer on a flat surface. This will eliminate shakiness on the video and ensures we can see each other clearly. Make sure your face is fully in the frame. A computer is best, but a phone or iPad can work in a pinch!

5. Keep Calm

Tech issues are normal as you adjust to online sessions for the first time. Keep in contact with me via phone or email to sort things out if you have trouble connecting. Backup platforms are available if needed.

6. Get Comfortable

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, a warm cup of tea, tissues if needed, and your pet (if they’re cuddly!) If your pet is rambunctious, let them play in another room to minimize distractions.

7. Treat it Like an “In-Person” Session

Try to look in my eyes, rather than at the camera or your own face. Treat it just like a normal session! You may be surprised to realize video sessions can feel just as personal as in-person ones!

Want these tips as a one-page PDF for future reference? Download below!