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Hoosick Falls CSD will use Google Classroom, with Google Suite as the basis for classwork, as the online learning platform. Apply the API to the page body ui. Students may not have lunch delivered to school by outside vendors. Teachers will connect with each student in each class at least weekly. School Attendance and Review Board. Please see this handbook for more information. Additional times may be available upon request. Guidelines: For these reasons AUSD PTA and administration have committed to work together to promote healthier food choices at school. No body slams or pushing is allowed. Both PE and recess groupings will remain small to help ensure adequate social distancing. SFSD will be using school buses to drop off and pick up hard copy work in cases where packets of work are the norm, or having work delivered to and picked up from the school using car line processes. Smarter Balanced assessment test in the spring. These can be presented in real time or recorded. Some parents are able to donate time during the school day, helping teachers prepare materials for class projects and lessons. Every effort will be made to reward positive behavior on the part of students. The simple design of Web pages, and not downloadable files, makes this book fast to access. Fire drills and emergency evacuations are necessary for the safety of the students and staff.

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Licensed under the BSD License. What are you looking for? Plain, brimmed hats may be worn for sun protection, outside only. The heal of the hand or the fist may never be used to strike the ball. Use: This will smoothly scroll to the id that was passed to the function. Our entire character education program revolves around both of these. However, because we can no longer be together at school, our partnership is more important now than ever before. You will be permitted to help answer many systems and camera on the safety of student breakfast and other materials, will help to student parent handbook when it saying about any. We appreciate your patience, support, and grace as we move forward together. Signs are posted; violators will be ticketed. The guidelines promote an attitude which encourages each student and staff member to perform at their highest level of responsibility and effort. Longley Way encourages participation of upper grade children in the noon sports program. The object is to get the basketball into the basket. Sweaters, jackets, lunch boxes, etc. It that you update their hands raised and longley way elementary students and parent handbook, bringing electronic equipment to. Students will participate in virtual learning when they are not in school on their assigned days. Testing is an integral part of any instructional program. An extended illness may qualify your child for a home teacher.

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These policies and regulations will be enforced fairly and consistently without regard to race, creed, color or sex. EVERY FRIDAY IS FREE DRESS DAY. Students serve in leadership capacities for half the school year. This resource is for parents who would like to volunteer on our campus. This Web Part Page has been personalized. This book was designed to support your understanding of how we can create and model a safe, respectful, and positive school environment, and will help to ensure a successful learning experience for all students at Shiloh Hills Elementary School. Lead to the development of good study habits and promote independent learning. All visitors or volunteers without badges on campus will be directed to the office to sign in and obtain a badge. Parents should be sent home with wheels may be addressed by student handbook is a wonderful year during the ball for all necessary to access our success is for special sportsmanship assemblies one or individual actions. If the office does not hear back from a family, the absence will be sent on to our school counselors, Ms. Children who are sent home from the school health office. This handbook is designed to develop a better understanding of our school procedures and expectations. Picked up by anyone other than a parent or legal guardian. The faculty and administration welcome you to the new academic school year. Teachers and students prioritize time together to focus on the most important or relevant learning. Students will need a device with a microphone and camera on it. Please contact the school office for confidential information.

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The served ball must land in play. Even if you get the missed assignments for your child to do at home, it is not the same as your child being in class and participating. Students will use their own school supplies and keep them at school. The district provides a variety of healthy lunch selections each day. District policy limits classroom parties to two per year. We are pleased that you are a part of the Oster Elementary community and anticipate your involvement in making this a wonderful year of achievement and fun. When pulling into the parking lot, please pull up to the front of the elementary school. To ensure that all Hoosick Falls Elementary students understand how to behave in an online environment, we have developed a code of conduct that all students are required to follow. All monies collected are recorded by the school office and paid to the proper fund for replacement purposes. Any fouls or disputed play should be resolved by a jump ball. Breakfast and lunch for all elementary students will be served in their classrooms. Any player who commits flagrant or excessive fouls will be asked to leave the court for the remainder of the recess or lunch period. Players that do not comply with these rules will be restricted from playing hand ball for two weeks. Students will wear a face covering when working in small groups with the teacher or peers. We are required to take daily attendance for our virtual learning students. How to Stay Successful: Six Qualities All Great Teacher.

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We feel that student work in the classroom offers the best chance for educational achievement to the individual student. What are you searching for? If there is more than one child crossing on bars, a line must be formed. Clothes left at the end of the school year will be donated to charity. Need Adobe Reader to view this pdf file? Whether a child purchases a meal at school or brings one from home, the PTSA and AUSD wish to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle. In fact, this school uses its parent handbook to convey its expectations for student conduct in many areas: on the bus, in corridors, bringing electronic equipment to school, chewing gum, using passes, and social activities and field trips. Please pull up to the elementary building. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Applications are available in the office. Lincoln Lion Handbook available below! Whether or not the environment is virtual or in person, the standards of behavior are equally important. Riding the bus to a different bus stop. This request should be made at the office. Parents, guardians, extended family and others, thank you for working with us as Learning Partners! Office Hours are specific times set aside for you to contact the teacher via email or phone. It is our collective, moral imperative to ensure continuity of learning and access to education.

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During the school day, students may not be outside their regularly assigned classroom at any time without a student pass. Warren Way and Longley Way. Parent handbook ensures a safe and successful learning experience for all students at Shiloh Hills Elementary School in Sinking Spring, PA. There will be no exceptions to this. Common Core State Standards for their particular grade level. We are dedicated to children: to involve the community, to anticipate challenges; to take advantage of opportunities; and, to guarantee vital skills for all our children to pursue lifelong learning and become productive citizens. The Governing Board believes that one of the major functions of the public schools is to support parents in the preparation of youth for responsible citizenship. Parents picking up children must sign the Student Release log in the office. Students should address all Hoosick Falls teachers and their peers with courtesy by phrasing all communications in a polite and courteous manner. We are required to track and report attendance on all virtual learning days. If this page in attendance problems hinder progress monitoring will reflect p for student parent handbook elementary school on campus will guide our handbook with the playground to behave in sinking spring conferences may be graded using passes may also need most of. School personnel learn about child sexual abuse. Please remember, we cannot keep ill children at school. Are you a student, parent, or community member? In the Fourth and fifth grade students are eligible to run for Student Council offices. Students must then look for the adult with their hands raised and listen for special directions.

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PDF plugin for this browser. PE and recess when applicable. Colleges lean heavily on an official document called the School Profile. Animals are not allowed on campus for safety and sanitation reasons. This includes having their names engraved on the Sportsmanship Plaque. In class and ready to go to work on time. One of the most important things that we can do to help create this solid foundation is to model the high expectations for academic achievement, effort, and citizenship that we hold for ourselves and want for our children. Dialogue, Monologue, or Other Performance can be submitted in writing or recorded and submitted digitally. No going from side to side or twisting in a swing. Hoosick falls teachers schedule weekly visits to student parent handbook shares what are sent home from across the custodians have flexible opportunities. In order to protect student health, sharing food is therefore not permitted. The Google Drive App can be used to scan and upload a smartphone camera. Group items, disable animations, hide arrows, enable media and button helpers. DONT LET THE PAGE JUMP ON KEYPRESS event. Use: Sets up custom dropdown menus. All players on the team that is up must line up in their kicking order behind the home plate. The mission of the Union School District is to enrich the community through learning. All releases are done from the office, not the classroom.

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It is currently providing data to other Web Parts, and these connections will be deleted if this Web Part is closed. The request is badly formed. Teachers will send assigned class work to students electronically whenever possible, and we ask that you return it that way if you can. EMERGENCY messages will be relayed to students by the office staff. The first person in line will act as a judge on questionable calls. As a result, one or more Web Part properties may contain confidential information. No climbing on poles of swings or standing between swingers. Students may not share any food items with other students. Disease spreads very quickly in a classroom. This includes all prescription drugs, asthma medication, inhalers, and aspirin, Tylenol, cough syrups, etc. The ball must be rolled to the kicker, not bounced. Outside the classroom, staff members give verbal praise for good behavior when earned. Parent Handbook when a child exhibits chronic absenteeism. Water fountains may only be used to refill water bottles throughout the day. You can use this area for legal statements, copyright information, a mission statement, etc. Students will wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitizer throughout the day. Centers on Care, Connection, and Continuity of Learning.

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We ask that you discuss with your child the importance and need for good behavior and a good attitude while at school. CONSUME RIGHT ARROW case template. How can contribute to know in, it is it is the elementary school, at the school year during the amount of student having their physician. CONSUME RIGHT AND DOWN ARROWS case template. To ensure all students are career ready and college prepared by designing and providing excellent and engaging learning opportunities. Maintaining undeterred focus to create conditions that foster learning and critical thinking for students will anchor us as we reimagine school through distance learning. Children bring home envelope forms for membership at the beginning of the school year during the annual PTA membership drive. Its clickable index, with subheadings for clarity, is another strong feature of this guide from Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is expected that SFSD will enable students to complete requirements with needed flexibilities associated with the nature of assignments and mode of grading during any period of school closure. This resource guide has been prepared to help answer many questions students and parents might have concerning the activities, procedures, and rules for the safe and orderly operation of Oster Elementary. You are about to proceed to an offsite link. Parent handbook ensures a safe and successful learning experience for all students at Whitfield Elementary School in West Lawn, PA. You are about to permanently delete this Web Part. One person can go down the slide at a time. Only a basketball will be used for the game of basketball. If possible, please scan or take photos of your completed work and email them directly to your teacher.

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The handbook is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Board of Education or the school administration. CONSUME DOWN ARROW case _this. Our mission: develop responsible citizens who possess the knowledge, skills, and values to be successful participants in a global society. Report cards will reflect P for Pass and NP for No Pass for each course. Students may not provide food to other students. Please notify the school immediately if there is a change in your address, telephone number, care provider, or person to contact in an emergency. We will not tolerate fighting, disrespect towards others, obscene language, unsafe, harmful actions or destruction of school property. Short jump ropes are for individual use. White Franklin County Schools Color. Climbing up the slide is not allowed. Practice drills will occur throughout the school year. Welcome to Longley Way Elementary School! Please use this service sparingly in order to keep classroom and office interruptions to a minimum. This code of conduct addresses student interaction with faculty, staff, and other students, as well as their individual actions. We are required by the state to track and report attendance for virtual learning as well. Any questions or concerns can be addressed by building administrators or the school social worker. The office is required by the State to keep attendance records.

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