Counseling with Emma

-Is grounded in evidence-based practice and cutting-edge theory

-Is heart-centered and soul-enriching

-Provides a space for deep inner work, transformational healing, and personal growth

-Is catered to your unique journey

-Is rewarding and even FUN! Because who says therapy can’t be enjoyable?

Here are the basics about therapy with Emma:

I Help Young People Overcome:




-Stress and burnout


-School, life purpose, spiritual, and career issues

-Relationship issues

Through This Framework:

-1:1 individual psychotherapy

-In my office in St. Louis, MO

Or online for residents of Missouri and Illinois

-for 50 or 75-minute sessions

-in a safe, confidential, and compassionate relationship

-built upon your unique goals

With These Techniques:

-Internal Family Systems

-Mindfulness-based psychotherapy

-Somatic psychotherapy

-Trauma-informed care

-Tension Release Exercises

-Stress Reduction

-Mindful Self-Compassion

“Emma is an incredible therapist and person. She is highly intuitive, empathetic, and is able to hold the space for you as you process your emotions and situations in your life. She is able to sort through different experiences and help you find clarity in the chaos. I highly recommend Emma as a therapist, especially using the Internal Family Systems model.”

-Therapy Client Testimonial

Heart-centered and evidence-based counseling for young people like you.

It’s tough to be a young person today. Burnout, depression, anxiety, and loneliness are hitting young people harder than ever before. These issues are understandable reactions to our stressful, high-pressure, and isolating modern lives.

Millennials are being called the “therapy generation,” because we are more likely than previous generations to suffer from mental health issues, but we are also more likely to devote ourselves to personal growth work.

I believe your devotion to your wellbeing is a strength, and I love helping young people just like you to grow.

My therapy practice focuses on helping people in their 20s and 30s navigate this difficult and unique phase of life.

I partner with you to help you process who you’ve been shaped to be, make peace with your past, discover your strengths, decide who you want to become, and forge your own path in life as the person you want to be.

Many of my clients are held back from the vibrant, full lives they want to live because they are suffering from the following issues:


-Feeling constantly on edge and never able to relax

-worried no one likes them

-frustrated when their anxiety gets in the way of being able to do well in work or school

-it always feels like life is about to come crumbling down

Held Back By Traumatic Pasts

-they feel stuck in patterns that aren’t serving them

-unable to break free from past hurts and heavy burdens, no matter how much they want to

-worried they will always be trapped by their trauma


-every day feels like a battle, but they don’t have the energy to pick up their sword

-everything feels pointless

-they can’t enjoy the things they used to love

-no one “gets it” and they feel completely alone in their pain

Stress and Burnout

-they give their all, but it never feels like “enough”

-overwhelmed by the pressure coming from every angle

-burning out and not sure how on earth they’re going to keep going

Feeling Lost and Confused

-unsure where they want to go with their career or spiritual path

-completely overwhelmed by their options and torn in different directions

-second-guessing their choices, unsure if they are “right”

Feeling Lonely & Disconnected

-feeling lonelier than ever, despite their follower count

disconnected from who they truly are

-craving deeper connections with others, but don’t know how to create meaningful relationships

These are understandable reactions to a modern society that is increasingly stressful and isolating.

But life doesn’t have to be so painful. It is possible to return to your naturally calm and resilient state.

What if you could have the fulfilling life you were born to live?

It is possible to feel…

-Whole again, no matter how “damaged” or “broken” you may currently feel

-Seen and loved for who you really are

-Self-confident in yourself and your choices

-Calm and centered, even when facing the many challenges life brings

-Connected to who you are at your core

Connected with others, having the deep, fulfilling relationships you’ve always wanted

Curious, creative, and in love with life

-Holistically healthy and spiritually fulfilled

Like the happy, vibrant person you deserve to be

That’s what I love helping people like you to do. I am a young person myself, and I understand the struggles our generation is facing.

As a psychotherapist in St. Louis, MO and online, I help you…

-Become friends with your emotions and learn how to make them not so scary, reducing stress, sadness, anger, anxiety, and loneliness

-Learn to love yourself, and use this loving presence to transform even your darkest parts into something beautiful

-End the inner war and make your head a place you love to be

-Heal from old trauma and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being

-Tap into your inner wisdom so you can become your own healer and overcome anything… long after therapy is over

What To Know About Online Therapy

Online sessions are conducted on my comprehensive and intuitive online portal. This is the same portal you can use to book sessions and fill out documents. 

The first step is requesting a free consultation call using the orange button.

In this call, you can get to know me, tell me about yourself, and ask questions about online counseling or therapy in general.

After you have been accepted as a client, you can easily select appointment times that work for your schedule on your online portal. I then guide you through the simple process for how to access the video platform.

Got a question? Click the button below. Here you can learn about fees and other frequently asked questions.

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