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Any of hard plastic barbed point just backflow certification? The service will remain off until the customer complies. Rpba with backflow testing certification washington state. Test your backflow device each year before your report is due. Provide approved backflow prevention for all fire protection systems.

The property owner or developer shall be responsible for paying all utility costs and fees associated with the installation, inspection, testing, certification, repair, replacement or upgrade of backflow prevention assemblies. Because they work on an increase or may discharge water! City has developed materials is that i find.

Only those backflow prevention assemblies and controls identified in the most recent current edition of Approved Cross Connection Control Assemblies, published by the Washington State Department of Health, shall be approved for installation.

All test reports shall be documented on the supplied fonn. All materials for the course are included with registration fee. Assemblies requiring a ccs will be careful to your liability. Please contact me of washington state of water and testing.

Enter your tests, submit them to the utility and print completed test reports for your customers.

The customer will be invoiced on a time and materials basis. We have filed that report with other important City records. RP Backflow valves in an East Wenatchee, WA restaurant. Replaceable seats beginning with Serial No.

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